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Our history

Indigo 3000R is a totally unique vehicle that will be built in a limited edition. Classic sports car qualities with beautiful timeless lines in combination with performance and comfort, a car to enjoy that give you pleasure and who touches your senses. Each Indigo 3000R is built by hand with quality and care of our dedicated team. It is our responsibility to the vB Automotive Indigo 3000R you selected becomes an experience for a long time.

Our vision

We fulfill the dream of owning a real sports car.

Our business idea

We should cater to the needs of the market of cars that stands for classic sports car characteristics in combination with a modern car’s performance, reliability, and security.

Vår culture

The company breathes and lives the true values of a successful sports car manufacturer. Quality and passion go hand in hand with everything we do while creating real value for our customers.

Our history

Indigo Sports Cars, which is fully funded by investors and entrepreneurs with extensive experience, formed in 2014 when the assets and rights after the Swedish manufacturer Indigo Cars were acquired.

2014- 2018 development of Indigo 3000R

Since 2014, the development of Indigo 3000R is underway. A sports car with its DNA from Swedish technology and classic sport cars values.

The Indigo 3000r is fitted with a three-liter straight cylinder engine with the assistance of double Turbo. With its power of over 300 hp and nearly 400 Nm, it delivers more than 50% more power than the old engine that was in the Indigo 3000. The new engine is like previously based on Swedish proven technology. Customization for mounting in longitudinal and to withstand higher G-forces have been taken. A new electrical architecture has been created both around motor control and the car in general. Together with the configuration of the car’s control system, a character with a sporty response is achieved that is suitable for modern GT driving. Last but not least, the new engine has been refined to meet Euro 6 emission requirements.

A trend among sports cars enthusiasts is to go back to the classical manual gearboxes. A natural choice for Indigo 3000R Signature Series therefore fell on “5 speed-Stick Shift”. Together with dry clutch ensures the driver a strengthening of overall experience and retro flirt, that car so successfully signals.

Chassis and suspension
With smart deformation zones in a galvanized steel tube construction reaches the car all modern requirements regarding crash safety and torsional rigidity. The characteristic push-rod suspension in the front suspension with transverse composite spring is recognized from the previous generation. A newly developed aluminium tank with weight displacement shots and improved gasket has resulted in a lower center of gravity and more stable rear suspension with multi-link, who, like the front suspension has a transverse composite spring.

Of course, other parts have been updated. It’s everything from electrical systems, Interior, instrumentation, brakes, convertible-mechanism, aerodynamics, lighting, exterior design, the front and rear lights, etc.